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Who is Your Defence?

Your Defence was founded initially in support of the Australian Military family community. Established in 2008, we operate every day with the belief that all families are united by a common bond and experience across all military service branches and ranks. We use these experiences to raise resilient children and draw on the strength of our support networks to build strong families and communities.

We now stand in support of all employment-based transient communities, and stand beside all families who spend time apart from their loved ones.

What do we do?

Our focus is on the creation of family-empowering resources. Simple yet effective tools to ensure families remain connected and well-equipped during time apart. Whether your loved one is experiencing a lengthy period of operational service overseas, a short-term domestic exercise, or a regular rotational roster that sees them away, we focus on the positive connection to home. We understand not all communication is created equal and that while some families will be able to access communication using technology during ‘away’ times, there are an equal measure of families who can operate for extended periods with little to no communication at all.

Whatever your experience, Your Defence is here to support your family connection till your loved one is home to you.

We are all in this together.

Why is there is no functionality in the ‪Home2You‬ app to share with social media from within the app?

The simple answer here is that it is very important to me that the integrity of operational security, especially within the Military community is held to the highest standard at all times.

This is why the Home2You app has a passcode feature, and is also the reason why your countdown return date, or your loved one’s time zone cannot be shared directly from the app.

There are “work-arounds” of course for families where there is no risk of a security breach if this information is shared, and a quick screen-shot will result in a picture saved to your phone or device that can then be quickly and easily shared via social networks.

All in this together everyone... all in this together.

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